MR Coils BV

Do you always want more,
faster and better MR signals
for your research?
MR coils can help you!

New bilateral breastcoil housing

MR Coils BV

Visual cortex coil

Up to 0.15 x0.15 x 1.5mm³ voxel size

Our latest products

  • 31P Body Transmit Coil for 7 T

    This RF body transmit coil is available in two different embodiments. Either fully integrated behind the covers of the MRI system or as a removable…

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  • Arterial Spin Labelling Head Coil

    One of our unique products is the 32 channel ASL Head coil. Using 8 independent transmit antennas distributed in 3 dimensions around the head and…

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  • Console Switch

    This console switch enables fast switching of MR system to different consoles. It is used for experimental multi-transmit or standard dual transmit set-ups. Suitable for RF…

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