Arterial Spin Labelling Head Coil

One of our unique products is the 32 channel ASL Head coil. Using 8 independent transmit antennas distributed in 3 dimensions around the head and neck, not only uniform excitation can be obtained, but also at lowest tissue heating.

This coil is suitable for 7T systems and allows for arterial spin labelling.

The design is based on radiative antennas. The transmit is separated from the receiver to get an optimized B1+ per unit of local SAR, while maximizing sensitivity and acceleration.

This extended field of view to the neck provides the possibility of arterial spin labelling (ASL) to image blood volume without contrast agents. Combined with the integrated 32 receivers, this coil allows highest resolution MRI at most efficient scan times. One of the unique features is the flexible housing with visual clearance that assures closest fitting of the receivers to the head while facilitating all different head sizes. This assures uncompromising high sensitivity.

See below for references.

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