High Density Receiver

This High Density Receiver is suitable for 7T and 3T and has 32 channel receivers.

This receiver is used for head measurement. The ultra-thin mechanics and the position of the receivers get as close to the head as possible. Therefore it has a high sensitivity and a strong acceleration of image acquisition. It has comfortable cushions and a flexible 3D fitting.

This receiver can be combined with the following transmitters:

  • Quadrature surface coil
  • 8 channel visual cortex coil
  • Neck U-tube transmitter
  • Transmitters from other vendors

3D high resolution functional MRI of the cerebellum using the high density array. The advantage of fixing the coil elements close to the cerebellum assures high sensitivity, while the high density of elements assures strong acceleration [1]. Consequently, 0.5mm isotropic fMRI of the cerebellum at 7T reveals highly localized activation [2].

Courtesy figure: Batson, Petridou et al. Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam and University Medical Center Utrecht, the Netherlands

See below for references.

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