We proudly present the different possibilities and our diversity in coils.

From the first contact until the last handshake, we collaborate with the customer to make sure the question and the product are exactly what is requested. We keep one eye open to the latest research and one hand on the newest techniques.

Meanwhile we keep our lines short to our customers.

The first draft of the coil is to be tested in the bore of the magnet and adjusted and fine-tuned as requested. Our goal is to ensure the best performance preferably into a joint publication.


  • 31P Body Transmit Coil for 7 T

    31P Body Transmit Coil for 7 T

    This RF body transmit coil is available in two different embodiments. Either fully integrated behind the covers of the MRI…

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  • Arterial Spin Labelling Head Coil

    Arterial Spin Labelling Head Coil

    One of our unique products is the 32 channel ASL Head coil. Using 8 independent transmit antennas distributed in 3…

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  • Console Switch

    Console Switch

    This console switch enables fast switching of MR system to different consoles. It is used for experimental multi-transmit or standard dual…

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  • Cable Management System

    Cable Management System

    This cable management system supports a multi transmit system which is connected to the patient table. It completes the system…

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  • Half Volume Oxygen Coil

    Half Volume Oxygen Coil

    This durable perspex coil is optimized for brain measurement. It has optimal sensitivity in sending and receiving by means of…

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  • Fluorine-Proton Body Coil for mice and rats

    Fluorine-Proton Body Coil for mice and r

    This body coil is specially made for mice and rats. Through tuning it is suitable as well for proton as…

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  • Adjustable Half-Volume Multi-Nucli Coil

    Adjustable Half-Volume Multi-Nucli Coil

    This adjustable half-volume multi-nucli coil is driven in quadrature and is semi-flexible to maximize the filling factor and therefore assures…

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  • Bilateral Breast Coil

    Bilateral Breast Coil

    This Bilateral Breast coil for 7 T is a proton phosphorus coil, it has a 4 channel dual tuned transceiver…

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  • High Density Receiver

    High Density Receiver

    This High Density Receiver is suitable for 7T and 3T and has 32 channel receivers. This receiver is used for…

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  • Body Array Coil

    Body Array Coil

    An 8 channel Body Array transceiver coil suitable for 7T systems. The coil has 32 loop receivers to enable 40…

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  • Interface Box

    Interface Box

    This Interface box is designed for proton and other nuclei at field strengths of 1,5 T to 9,4 T. And…

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  • Crusher Coil

    Crusher Coil

    This Crusher Coil has been designed to fit the commonly used 7T head-coils from a 16ch up to a 32…

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