Job offer: RF Engineer 36-40 hours


Dear future RF Engineer,

I would like to start off this job offer with a question, after which I would like to explain who we are and what we do. I would like to ask you to read this job offer carefully, to become enthusiastic and to call us for an appointment!

Do you recognize yourself in one or more of the following statements?

- You graduated in electrical engineering at a university of applied sciences or research university and you are looking for a great new challenge.

- Building prototypes and developing new technology is one of your favourite things!

- You can build crazy prototypes with standard electronic components.

- You really want to help the medical (MRI) world take a big step forward by applying the latest state of the art technology to new prototypes. (This will result in the latest methods for example breast cancer, prostate cancer, Alzheimer etc. research.)

- You are eager to learn.

- You enjoy working together in teams to transform an idea into a working prototype.

A brief introduction:

We are MR Coils B.V. A fast growing and innovative young company. We build coils for all kinds of prototypes of peripherals for MRI scanners. For our customers, who are located all over the world, we build the most insanely interesting prototypes. With these prototypes, leading hospitals and universities can realize the latest developments in the field of medical research and imaging of nasty illnesses such as cancer. An example of some of our customers: Oxford University, Kings College and Leiden University Medical Center. We mainly work in teams with our sister companies MR Mechanics B.V., I.E. Components B.V. and Production and Service B.V. to tackle projects from various disciplines and develop them into fully operational prototypes.

And what are you going to do?

As an RF Engineer you will work, together with your colleagues, on the design, development and construction of coils for various prototypes for MRI. Every part of the human body needs a different type of coil and is unique. For testing the prototypes we have our own 3Tesla and 7Tesla MRI Scanner.

The usual fact list of properties that we find important:

- You have a completed Electrical Engineering degree at a university of applied sciences or research university.

- Experience in RF engineering is an advantage.

- Experience with MRI is an advantage.

- You are a team player.

- Your Dutch and English language skills are excellent, both in word and in writing.

- You are flexible to be able to switch between different projects.

- You are honestly looking forward to it already!

The last thing you absolutely must know!

We offer a decent salary, depending on your knowledge and experience. More important is that you want to call us for an appointment immediately, preferably call 0418-700555. Or email our HR manager: Once you have been invited to come over we would like to hear about your work experience.

Hope to see you soon,

Michel Italiaander

CEO MR Coils B.V.